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I purchased this "Lamp, Operating, Field Item 99315" at a recent Military Vehicle Show to go with the Medical Impression. It has seen very minimal if any use. Initially I questioned whether it was WWII but when I got it home after the show I found that some of the spare parts inside were wrapped in a Buffalo NY newspaper dated 1942.

The light is made by the Wilmot Castle Company, Rochester, NY. It originally ran on 6 volt emergency batteries, 110 Volt or 220 volt. You had to change the physical bulb when switching power sources. The case is tar lined and over the last 84 years some has come off on the lens. Looks like gasoline will clean that up.

If anyone has any comments or questions be sure to pass them along.

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Wilmot Castle Co., of Rochester, NY, manufactures laboratory, medical, dental and hospital equipment, including various types of sterilizers, operating tables, and surgical and dental lights. Castle was a subsidiary of Sybron Corporation (formerly Ritter Pfaudler Corporation) and is now a division of a medical equipment corporation called MDT


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