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1940's Wehrmacht  Sd.Ah.25/2 Signal Corps Trailer

This Trailer is now For Sale. After careful consideration I have found that I will not have the time to restore this fine piece of history. It is one of a handful in the world and the only known one in the United States. 

Stars to identify allied vehicles were found on this trailer so it does have in Theater experience.

I will sell to serious collectors only and this will not be inexpensive. 

Please look at the pictures below and contact me with offers.


After some wonderful help by a European Collector it has been determined that this trailer is a Sd.Ah.25/2 Signal Corps trailer. 

It was made by the firm of J. Durr & Son, Gmbh of Strassburg, Germany.

The usual compliment of equipment was a soil tamper, long spade shovel, folding ladder, two drums each with 250 meters of trunk wire, 16 porcelain double-bell insulators, a safety belt, 1 pair of crampons, and a selection of tools and small parts. 

The trailer was usually towed by a Horch Kfz.15.

This trailer was brought back to the US from Germany by an Officer in the occupying army force. He packed all his personal belongings in the trailer and returned it to the US.

It is an extremely rare trailer to find in the US and is also scarce in Europe

Restoration will be underway shortly.

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wehrmacht_trailer61.JPG (91464 bytes) wehrmacht_trailer36.JPG (82911 bytes) wehrmacht_trailer58.JPG (63282 bytes) wehrmacht_trailer59.JPG (82488 bytes) wehrmacht_trailer60.JPG (81162 bytes)  
After pressure washing....Allied Stars found hastily painted on the rear and sides.

 Is this war booty?????

Sd.Ah.25-2_star_2.JPG (51825 bytes)

Sd.Ah.25-2_star_1.JPG (49395 bytes)


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