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Mil-Vehicle Sightings

Vehicles I have seen or stumbled across in my travels. They may be For Sale by owner but they are not in the process of Current Restoration.

Never forget your digital camera!

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ossipee (3).JPG (68539 bytes)

MVC-002F.JPG (59778 bytes)

burma jeep RI (14).JPG (69667 bytes)

cckw_shovel.jpg (57664 bytes)

1946 Chevy Fire Truck

1947 Chevy Fire Truck

1944 Ford GTB

CCKW shovel

g969 (1).JPG (67991 bytes)

leroi comp truck (15).JPG (67283 bytes)

G7713 (13).JPG (89718 bytes)

corbitt 6 ton.jpg (77202 bytes)

1944 Diamond T Wrecker

1944 CCKW Compressor

1942 Chevy 1.5 Cargo

1944 6 Ton Corbitt?

sfd wc62.jpg (93493 bytes)

CHEVY 506_3.JPG (205604 bytes)

DIAMOND T 1.JPG (310449 bytes)

DODGE CARRYALL.JPG (273317 bytes)

1945 Dodge WC 62

194? Chevy G506

 194? Diamond T

194? Dodge Carryall

dODGE VF.JPG (292358 bytes)

fire truck 155.JPG (319914 bytes)

GREAT STUFF.JPG (301336 bytes)

GTB BOMB TRUCK.JPG (330530 bytes)

194? Dodge VF

194? Corbitt Fire 155

GPW, WC=3, Dodge VC

194? Ford GTB Bomb


STUDE us 6_1.JPG (194944 bytes)

mack nm-1 vermont.jpg (53965 bytes)

m5h6 oil rig.jpg (1514775 bytes)

194? Marmon-Herrington Snow Blower

194? Studebaker US-6

1941 Mack NM-1

1944 IH M5H6 Oil Rig

M5H6 001.jpg (315907 bytes)

autocar1.jpg (74158 bytes)

1944 M5H6 Cargo

1942 Autocar

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