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The following are orders that my Father had in his files.

(They are thumb nailed as the files are very large in size)


Best if viewed at 640 x 480

orders_9_16_43_pg1.JPG (55996 bytes)

orders_9_16_43_pg2.JPG (62730 bytes)

orders_9_16_43_pg3.JPG (58562 bytes)

orders_9_16_43_pg4.JPG (61086 bytes)

orders_3_15_44_pg1.JPG (139357 bytes)

orders_3_15_44_pg2.JPG (66215 bytes)

orders_5_14_44_pg1.JPG (61195 bytes)

orders_5_14_44_pg2.JPG (35067 bytes)

orders_5_16_44_pg1.JPG (76840 bytes)

orders_5_16_44_pg2.JPG (82613 bytes)

orders_5_16_44_pg3.JPG (81228 bytes)

orders_5_16_44_pg4.jpg (86245 bytes)

orders_5_16_44_pg5.jpg (64909 bytes)

promotion_1stLT.JPG (84463 bytes)

frantic_joe_7_15_44.JPG (109914 bytes)

orders_7_18_44_pg1.JPG (55842 bytes)

RR_7_23_44_pg1.JPG (113049 bytes)

RR_7_23_44_pg2.JPG (89024 bytes)

orders_9_6_44_pg1.JPG (107631 bytes)

orders_9_6_44_pg2.JPG (106704 bytes)

orders_9_29_44_pg1.JPG (77432 bytes)

pay_allowance.JPG (146597 bytes)

shuttleid2.JPG (232055 bytes)

orders43044.JPG (528800 bytes)

call_sign_8_29_44.JPG (85902 bytes)


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