Airborne CCKW
M-10 Ammo Trailer
My Ben Hur Trailers
M100 Trailer
Clark Tug
1942 GE Searchlight
Wehrmacht Trailer
G221 Trailer
Case VAIW-3 Tug
Case VAI Tractor
M-5 Tractor
Clarkair Dozer
Vehicles Observed
Maxim Pump Trailer

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bw_cckw_29.jpg (115816 bytes)

lightunit1.JPG (48371 bytes)

1945 Airborne CCKW 353 A2 LWB Cargo

1942 Sperry 60" Anti-Aircraft Searchlight

1942 WC-64 Dodge Ambulance

1943 Case VAI Air Corps Tractor

ben_hur_medical_trailer_1.jpg (65441 bytes)

194? 1 ton Steel Ben Hur Trailer

194? 1 ton Wood Ben Hur Trailer

m10_ammo_trailer_3.JPG (79284 bytes)

1942 M10 Ammunition Trailer

1952 M-100 1/4 Ton Trailer

Case_VAIW-3_02.JPG (86142 bytes)

1952 USAAF Clarktor 6 Tug

1945 Case VAIW-3 Aircraft Tug

m5_in_snow_2l.jpg (84299 bytes)

1943 International Harvester M-5 High Speed Artillery Tractor

1944 M29C Weasel

wehrmacht_trailer9.JPG (71007 bytes)

PICT0084.JPG (59574 bytes)

1940's Wehrmacht Trailer

M-7 Generator Trailer (G221)

m1_sl_trailer_01.jpg (94380 bytes)

clark-air_fetch_01.jpg (89343 bytes)

M-1 Searchlight Trailer (G221)

Clark Airborne Dozer CA-1
mynew352_1.JPG (34214 bytes)
1942 CCKW 352 B1 SWB Cargo ( SOLD)

If you have any 40's era Fire Equipment or know of any Military vehicles For Sale please email me at  325@armyfiretrucks.com

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