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1942 G660 M-10 Ammunition Trailer

Trailer #1

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 Above pictures from 1/15/2004 

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  Above pictures from 9/1/2005

The G660 M-10 Ammunition Trailer was a trailer used mostly by Armored units to haul additional ammunition. It was towed behind 2.5 ton trucks, Half Tracks, Self Propelled Artillery, Armored Cars, and Tanks. The trailer had a cargo carrying capacity of 2,750 pounds and could haul shells in size up to the 240mm gun.

The trailers were equipped with a pintle hitch was mounted on the rear as these trailers were towed in tandem.

Trailers were manufactured by the following companies:

Fruehauf Trailer Company, Youngstown Steel Door Company, & Schlem Brothers. These trailers were made from 1942 thru 1945.

This particular trailer was built in 1942 and had a Letterkenny Ordnance Depot rebuild in October of 1956. It is in Very Good original condition.

Trailer Chassis
Nomenclature of Vehicle G660 M-10 Ammunition Trailer
Contract Number
Make & Class G-660 
Manufacturers Serial Number
Date of Delivery 1942
Chassis Number
Current Mileage
Army Registration Number 0785361
Engine Serial Number
Rebuilder Letterkenny Ordnance Depot
Rebuild Date 8/1956


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