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This Page contains Data Plate and Historical information gathered about the Army Fire Truck Model 125



Truck Chassis
Nomenclature of Vehicle Chevy 4x2 1 1/2 Ton Fire Truck
Contract Number W-398-QM-13006
Make & Class 125 
Manufacturers Serial Number
Date of Delivery 1942-1944
Chassis Number 2MS09-4689
Current Mileage
Army Registration Number
Engine Serial Number
This truck was 1 of 100 manufactured on the Chevy chassis
Manufacturer Hardie Manufacturing Company
Model LCXA
Model Size 500gpm
Pump Serial Number
Chassis Number
80% Peak Speed  rpm
90% Peak Speed  rpm
Gear Ratio
Delivery Date
Fire Body
Manufacturer Mack Manufacturing Inc. Long Island City, NY 
Make & Model
Delivery Date


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