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Class 1020 Trailer

This truck was used to provide Structural Fire-fighting support and was supplied to airfields for airplane accidents

The 1020 trailer carried 170 gallons of water and was towed by a 3/4 ton  or 1.5 ton vehicle (usually a Dodge WC51 Weapons Carrier of Dodge WC 62/63). It consisted of a 650 psi 100 gpm pump driven by a Dodge T-118 6 cylinder motor mounted in a Ben Hur style trailer

This unit appeared very late in World War 2.



Class 1020 pump trailer

(Air Force photo) 


Class 1020 pump trailer

(Air Force photo) 


Equipment Specifications and Manufacturers

Chassis Manufacturer: Ben Hur, Twin Coach, John Deere Wagon Works

Fire bodies Manufacturer: NA

Pump Manufacturer: Hale Fire Pump


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