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Here is a 1942 CCKW Short Wheel Base Splits with winch model 352 that I purchased. It is a good solid truck but needs many things for a complete restoration Serial number is 352 79416-B1

Since I have too many vehicles to restore in a lifetime I have decided to sell my 352.

It is a good restoration piece but will require a good deal of work. The vehicle is basically sound but 65 plus years have taken a toll in some areas. The bottoms of the doors are rusty, the condition of the engine and drive-train is unknown although it is mostly there. The winch PTO has been removed from the transfer as well as the winch. Some stake pockets will require replacing.

I have restored vehicles in worse shape so this is a good candidate for those willing to invest elbow grease over a high initial price.

The vehicle is located in Central New Hampshire.


Additional detailed pictures are available at the links below.




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