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B-17 Flying Fortress

15th AF, Amendola, Italy  Summer 1944

This picture is of my Dad's (Lt. George Wolf...second from left...second row) crew during his service with the 15th Air Force in the Summer of 1944. He was stationed at Amendola Italy as a pilot with the 97th Bomb Group, 342 Bomb Squadron where he flew 50 combat missions over Europe. He also participated in the first shuttle raid to Russia (Operation "Frantic Joe") on June 2, 1944. If you know who any of the other crew members are or have any other 15th Air Force information please e-mail me. Plane serial #42-97516 is from the 341st.

Somewhere in Italy Summer 1944?

Dad's (on the left) catching a little R&R at a local establishment. Anyone know who the other 2 people are?


Boeing B17 G Flying Fortress

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