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I have recently added a 1942 Dodge WC-54 Ambulance to my collection.

This Ambulance was a common vehicle both Stateside and Overseas in all theaters during World War 2 and then the Korean War.

This vehicle is lettered to represent the vehicles used at my fathers Air base in Foggia (Amendola) Italy. 15th Air Force, 97 Bomb Group, 342 Bomb Squadron where my father was a 50 mission B-17 Pilot.

As purchased... taken 3/30/2004

Ambulances on Station at a 15th Air Force 97th Bomb Group 414 Bomb Squadron field in Italy during 1944.

This Dodge 3/4 tonTruck was built in the 1942. A previous restoration was done and the vehicle was purchased by a New Hampshire Museum. It was removed from the Museum for a repaint and was stored in a Garage/Barn. Unfortunately heavy Winter Snow felled a tree on the barn and damage the roof, windshield, hood and front fender of the Dodge. The vehicle was to be scrapped. I could not let that happen and embarked on a path toward a Motor Pool restoration.

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