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My 1945 Airborne CCKW 

The Airborne unit is a Long Wheelbase CCKW with a bolted together frame and Cargo box. The Frame lenght can be split and the front end can be loaded separately into the Cargo hold of a C-54A. When it arrives at location it can be reassembled to a full 2.5 ton truck.

Pictures below are prior to purchase

 This Truck was built in the spring of 1945 and went into storage when the war ended. It was pulled from "mothballs" during the Korean War, completely rebuilt and given to Norway as part of  MDAP (Mutual Defense Aid Program). 

 See the info page for more technical and number specifics.

Another Great source of information about the CCKW is our sister site.





Please Note that there is an Excellent article in the April 2004 issue of Military Vehicles Magazine by David Doyle about CCKW Airborne trucks


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