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194? Wood Ben Hur

194? Steel Ben Hur

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The G518 One-Ton cargo trailer known as the "Ben Hur" trailer was made to tow behind 2.5 ton trucks but during the war could be found being towed behind 1 ton to 7.5 ton trucks and even some Armored Vehicles.

The trailer consisted of a 8 foot long x 4 foot wide steel or wood box mounted on a single axle trailer. Usually the trailer was covered with a frame and tarpaulin (anybody have one they want to sell).

Variations of the trailer were used to haul fire pumps, mobile kitchens, generators, and other goods

G518 Trailers were made by the following companies:

American Bantam, Ben Hur, Century Boat Works, Checker, Dorsey, Gertenslager, Henney, Hercules Body, Highland Body & Trailer, Hobbs, Hyde, Mifflinburg Body, Naburs, Nash Kelvinator, Omaha Standard Body, Pke, Queen City, Redman, Steel Products, Strick, Transportation Equipment Corp, Truck Engineering Corporation, Willys Overland, Winter Weiss, Baker, Covered Wagon Co., Keystone, And Streich. 

These trailers were built from 1941 to 1945.

For additional Ben Hur info please go here: http://www.cckw.org/ben_hur_trailers.htm

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