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Class 325

This truck was used to provide General Fire-fighting and Overseas use. These trucks were assigned to fight fires in structures, vehicles, ships, wild lands, aircraft, petroleum dumps, ammo dumps, chemical dumps, etc. It was the only truck specified for WW II overseas Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoons and was deployed around the world with these units. The truck served in rear areas as well as behind combat areas.

The 325 was available in both 4x2 and 4x4 versions. It consisted of a low pressure medium volume pump delivering Water. It was extensively used in just behind the front line situations in Europe.


325 Chevy 4x4, Maxim Body

(Heinbuch photo)

Delivery 718 (3)_low.JPG (53757 bytes)

325 Chevy 4x4, Oren Mfg. Fire Body

325 fire truck 4x2.jpg (30254 bytes)

325 Chevy 4x2, Maxim Fire Body

(Navy photo)

(US Army photo)

Equipment Specifications and Manufacturers

Chassis Manufacturer: Chevrolet,  Dodge, Ford

Fire bodies Manufacturer: W. S. Darley, Approved Fire Equipment Co., Boyer Fire Apparatus, Maxim Motors, Hahn Motor Truck Co., General Detroit Corp., Oren Fire Apparatus, American Fire Apparatus.

Pump Manufacturer: W. S. Darley, American Marsh.



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