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Class 125

This truck was designed to provide mobile Fire-fighting and Crash equipment for Air-fields.

The 125 was available in 4x2 variants. It consisted of a high pressure low volume pump delivering Water Fog and Foam


125 Chevy 4x2, Mack Mfg. Fire Body

(Heinbuch photo)


125 Chevy 4x2, Mack Mfg. Fire Body

125 Mack 4x2, Mack Mfg. Fire Body

(Air Force photo)

125 Chevy 4x2, Unknown Fire Body and Dodge WC-27 Ambulance

(Heinbuch photo)

Equipment Specifications and Manufacturers

Chassis Manufacturer: Chevrolet,  Dodge, International Harvester, Ford, Mack

Fire bodies Manufacturer: Mack Manufacturing, Seagrave, General Pacific Corp., John Bean Mfg., General Detroit Corp.

Pump Manufacturer: John Bean, Hardie


Quantities Built:

Dodge/Bean    200
International/Bean    235
International/Seagrave 40
Ford/General Fire (V-8) 75
Chevrolet/General Fire 100
Ford/General Fire 49
Mack/Mack Mfg. 200
Chevrolet/Mack Mfg. 100



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